Legalisation of escort services

Should Escort Services be Legalised?

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All over the world, right at this minute, there are hundreds and possibly thousands of escorts getting paid for their time, companionship and for sex. Despite the fact that escorting is illegal in a lot of countries, it still takes place on a routine basis. Why is it that some want to try to legalise this practice?

Escort service providers only contract for a ‘date’ in a lot of countries, due to the illegal nature of sex work. What you and the escort agree on in private, is just that; private.

What are the moral and ethical issues involving escorts and money, and where does the law fit in?

That’s where escort services come in. To maintain a veneer of legality, agencies perform the job of a middleman service; they arrange the meet and greet between the escort and the client without exactly stating what might transpire.

Many other countries have laws prohibiting escort services, but some countries have prostitution laws that are particularly bizzare, ridiculous and nonsensical. For example, in Japan, it is legal to pay for fellatio, but not legal to pay for direct vaginal intercourse.

Many Western European countries have more relaxed prostitution laws — in fact, in some of these countries prostitution is a very respectable, mainstream line of work. Pretty much anything goes in Amsterdam, escorts are now tax payers and unionized professionals.

One has to wonder about the intelligence of those legislators that ban sexual services. I don’t see how we can bend the inherent urges of man with mere pieces of paper.

For those that stand on their soap box to wax lyrical about the immorality of escorting, it can be just as morally acceptable as other forms of work, providing there is no coersion to the field of work.

Men will always be interested in sex and certain men will always be interested in paying for it. That’s just the way humans are wired and it’s not going to change, ever.

The Arguments For Legalising Escorts

  • What happens between two consenting adults, of sound mind, is their business.
  • This is the oldest profession in the world for good reason – Men are always going to have a sex drive and women will always need to pay bills.
  • Makes escorts working environments safer – Many times it has been proven that when you legislate, the industry becomes more prone to exploitation. Once you make laws that go against escort service workers being able to make their regular income, they become subject to blackmail by those in the know.
  • Keeps girls safer – Taking one’s sexual urges to an escort is always preferable to rape of a non consenting woman. If just one girl or woman is saved from rape, via an escort, then the entire industry is justified.

The Arguments Against Legalising Escorts

  • The woman in question gets to pay her bills, the man gets his sexual urge tended to, and the other females have nothing to worry about because the men have had their urges satiated. In some countries, even tax gets paid!
  • Religion – The Christians among us are usually the people that are pushing to get rid of escorts and sex workers, citing the morality argument. I wonder if they’ve considered the rape statistics lately? For every paid sexual act, the potential for rape decreases. I say, thanks girls! Thanks for keeping my daughters safe.


A myraid of governments have tried to remove prostitution by making it illegal and imposing severe penalties on clients and escorts; however, like their many attempts with other vices, such as gambling and drugs, these actions have always failed due to overt, continuous demand.

Many men are travelling for business, or may have little time for a relationship or simply just enjoy the sexual variety they offer, and escorts have provided an outlet for such desires.

It seems that a lot of legislators want to try to eradicate the oldest profession on earth, without also eradicating the innate sexual desires of man. That doesn’t seem to be working, as there is still rampant escort work occurring throughout the world.

I think that escorts are similar in nature to Japanese Geishas. Sometimes it involves sex, but quite often, it just involves a lonely and perhaps socially inept man wanting some female company for an evening.

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