Population Growth and the Environment

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Population and the environment

World population growth is accelerating. True, the rate has halved since the historical peak of 2.2% in the 1960s, but estimates show that by 2050, population numbers will be close to 9 billion – almost 3 billion more than current rates. Increased growth has led to the concept of the mega city; huge and densely […]


The Politics of Contemporary Casino Law

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The origin of the term casino is often argued by many, but history has it that the word casino got it’s roots from the word Casa which means a little house in Italian. Therefore it is theorised that the term originated in Italy and originally means a house or a social club. As time went by, the term casino began […]


Social Attitudes Towards Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation and society

Women seem to be in a constant warfare with the attitudes that others have towards them, and the reality is that it really isn’t their fault. The eye of the public is stronger than ever. It would take a conscious effort to go throughout a day without seeing a plethora of examples showcasing what is […]


Drone Law and Regulations for the Recreational User

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Drone legislation

One of the most contentious topics of conversation for hobbyists in 2016 is that of drone law and regulation that, at first glance, can be seen to be governments’ attempts to curtail how people enjoy their free time. The most common assumption around drones is that they are “just a toy” therefore it doesn’t make […]

Sex & Society

Social Attitudes Towards Male Penis Size

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Social Attitudes to Male Penis Size

Self-Empowerment is the ability for an individual to increase their social, economic, or spiritual strength. In other words, how to increase your ability to have better inter-relations with the people around you (a type of self-confidence), how to increase your financial well-being, and how to increase your balance within nature. How is this possible through […]